Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How wonderful fall is...

Hello Strangers,

How is everybody? Well, all two of you who check into this blog from time to time?

If you didn't know already, it is fall in Minnesota. Overnight rains whisk in cool mornings, which make it hard to get out of bed. The sky stays gray; no real distinct sunrise or sunset. The leaves are changing to oranges, reds or just dying. The birds are flying south. The smell of apple cider is the in air...

Fall is certainly nice.

The house is going well. I did things like buy a couch, decorate, laundry and sand and re-finish a table.

These are things homeowners do.

The boyfriend did a complete redo on our locks. He is a good and thorough man.

He also ordered cable. I pined away for Bravo like an overly-orchestrated, overly-warbled, overly-sentimental 80s country tune. It was so twangy that fast cable activation was the only acceptable course of action.

Despite my withdrawals, I still missed The Real Whores of New Jersey last night. My friends Jen, Kiwi and I met at an art gallery in Souf Mpls. There wasn't any art hanging from the walls, but there were some artsy-looking folks slouched up against the walls. Perhaps that's what makes an art gallery an art gallery-not the actual art, but the types of people it attracts.

These types of thoughts are truly out of my philosophical realm.

Until next time, I remain,
P. Whipped