Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer of '10 in pictures...


I went for a walk today and it dawned on me that I should really update this blog. I keep forgetting that I need to tend to this blog. I should be watering it, feeding it, mothering it, smothering it and even bleeding it just to the point of death before resurrecting it. Kind of like how I treat my house plants and let's be honest, my romantic relationships.

I wasn't sure what to write about. I've been off trying to pack 12 months of living into three months of time as we're wont to do here in Minnesota. Thus my usual stalking, er speaking with fabulous celebrities hit a dead end on the first warm day of June.

And BAM! it's September. That crisp breeze blowing through our screen windows ushers in thoughts of dark brews, fuzzy sweaters and past domestic disputes brought on by Vikings' losses.

With all this nostalgia and changing of the season, I thought I would encapsulate the summer of '10 in pictures. Here ya are!

We kick things off right with a Sunday Funday at Casa de Hayes (after a drunken biking accident):

The party was fun even with a super huge chin (brought on by above mentioned drunken bike accident):

Oh, and then there is that danged new Target Field the Minnesota Twins are playing in. I feel it's an accurate summation to say I've ate about 300 cheese curds there and seen Joe Mauer hit into about $3 million worth of double plays over the past three months, but golly it is a great ol' time:

I got that little thing I liked to refer to as my dragon-shaped bruise covered up:

Into a beautiful Minnesota lady slipper:

My work had a fabulous fund-raising event that friends and family attended:

And then there was July. I didn't take any pictures myself, but I think I can paint an accurate portrayal of the month by stealing images from the Internet.

It started with this:

And felt like this a lot:

And was finally diagnosed by this handy little pattern:

Oh, and I started to look a lot like Mary Jo Buttafuoco after a certain Long Island Lolita got to her:

Naturally July cannot go unmentioned with the totally awesome Jewell Stock:

Shall we move onto August...?

There was a delightful pool party at Ma and Pa Charron's:

More Labe tattoos:

And a goddamn hootenanny at the goddamn Mohler's:

A little Wheeler bachelorette party:

And of course the cherry on top of this delicious hot fudge (and a little caramel) summer...the annual Labe pilgrimage to Ten Mile Lake:

Until next summer,
I remain,
Pistola Whipped