Sunday, April 4, 2010

Much pondering on this day of rising...


And Happy Easter to you, too.

I've decided to take my fate into my own hands. If I can learn one lesson from the Jesus Bunny, it's to overcome my own demons and rise above. What better day to celebrate this new lease on life than Easter Sunday?

I guess, arguably, Arbor Day could count...

I digress.

Remember the list I made several weeks ago after being heartlessly rejected from graduate school? I barely do, so let's refresh. It was a list of the five things I would like to do with my life. I've considered the list and the reality of it is, well, it's not very realistic. The idea of being a detective is interesting, but the idea of being a cop in order to become a detective is not interesting. So, let's check that one off the list.

Alt-country singer/songwriter? I don't think I should mistake the facts on this one. Just because I can relate to a lot of the pinings of other sad bastards and own a few western-style shirts does not make me qualifed to write or sing alt-country songs. Crossed off the list.

The product of a trust fund made the list. This is an example of the way I think. Or more accurately, the way I don't think things through. I'm not the product of a trust fund nor will I ever be. That is something one is born into and after 32 years of life I've finally accepted this is not me.

Also, I included a Real Housewife of Minneapolis on that list. I actually wouldn't mind doing this so much, except for the fact that I'm a.) not married, b.) living at poverty level and c.) not into shopping, plastic surgery or anything that any of those Real Housewives broads are into. And also, this show does not exist, so once again...I'm kind of a moron.

But novelist was on there...I've been thinking on this one. I have no patience or the talent to write a great American novel, but I would feel comfortable being a series writer like Carolyn Keene or Louis L'Amour or Nora Roberts. And two of my favorite genres are mystery and western to combine the two? I could even pull one of my alt-country western style shirts on to sit down and write...what do you think?

In the event the western meets the mystery in novel form...what would an appropriate crime be to kick off the series? Cowboy Jack in the barn with a noose? Harlot Lorraine in the saloon with a pistola?

Get back to me,