Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging is a Competition slash Morrissey wins...

I know I just started this blog called Pistola Whipped gets a life so I should really go easy on topics like art, music, politics and preference of vase vs. vaas pronunciation. These topics can really alienate and polarize people. If I say something that someone doesn't agree with on Pistola Whipped gets a life then they may not re-visit my blog and then I won't win the Who has the Most Popular Blog competition.

That being said, the point of blogging is to win, right? Or am I totally way off?

K. K. I'm just kiddin'. The point of blogging is to alienate people by sounding off on the blogger's own, special opinions, so I thought I'd just dive right in and start pissing off all my readers (big shout out to Nayana and Mom, both/all my readerz). Please leave comments as I think that is how the Most Popular Blog competition is determined.

In order to really get things crackin' and smackin' I'm gonna roll out my very own weekly bit right here and right now. It shall be named: Pistola Whipped gets a life by cutting down others.

Let me speak candidly for a blogger minute, this weekly bit is very important in the process of Pistola Whipped getting a life. It's important because most of the people I will identify in Pistola Whipped gets a life by cutting down others will be more successful, better looking, smarter and all-around more likeable than me. People I need to emulate in order to get a life and now I will have a diainternetry to refer to in order to do just that. Perfect! And all/both readerz will get to see it too! Luckies!

Allright...are you ready, Mom? I mean, readers? This week's person in Pistola Whipped gets a life by cutting down others: MORRISSEY! (I know you're still applauding from stumbling upon this blog, so keep it up...KEEP IT UP!)

The Carling Weekend: Reading Festival - Saturday

If I knew that using a Brillo pad for a pompadour and wearing Gramps' old, velvet smoking jacket would have been fashionable whilst crooning/whining drivel like 'I'm throwing my arms around Paris' I would have done it, too.

Way to go, Morrissey! You're successful, better looking, smart (smarmy) and a lot of people like you. And you're this week's Pistola Whipped gets a life by cutting down others pick.

A lifetime achievement to be sure.


Nayana Anthony said...

I am officially your second biggest fan!!! (I think your mom would cut me if I claimed to be the first).

Midnight Toker said...

I'm not really a very big fan yet, but I'm sure if the content is up to my high standards, I can become one. Welcome to great world of blogging, where the trees are made of cotton candy, and the grass is made of green beans.

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